With My Whole Heart - Puji Tuhan (Christian Worship and Scripture Songs by Esther Mui)

Friday, February 26, 2016

Latest Scripture Songs Releases

Link to song page and download: http://www.scripturesongsforworship.com/2016/03/psalm-281-26-9-to-you-i-will-cry-o-lord.html

Link to song page and download: http://www.scripturesongsforworship.com/2016/03/psalm-1441-9-blessed-be-lord-my-rock.html

Link to song page and download: http://www.scripturesongsforworship.com/2016/02/psalm-1451-13-i-will-extol-you.html


His Work in Progress, Koen said...

Dear Sister in the Lord
I have looked for years for scripture songs that I could fill my heart with. I never found anything that was really pleasant to the ears as well. :) Recently my daughter found your youtube songs. I can say that I was thrilled when she shared them with me! I am so happy to have some scripture to sing and enjoy hearing the melody at the same time. Thank you for your faithful work for the Lord. This is truly a blessing.
Sincerely in Him

DavetheSlave said...

Amen. Being 73 years old,I really am thankful for knowing God's word through song. Singing God's word is something special. We receive blessings through your faithful work. May God reward your entire family. Dave.