With My Whole Heart - Puji Tuhan (Christian Worship and Scripture Songs by Esther Mui)

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

All That I Have

All That I Have (C)

Verse:             C                    F/C         G/B    C   G/B
Lord, at Your feet will I lay my life
        Am7               Dm7        F/G                                G
And Lord, at Your feet, will I lay the treasures of my heart
   F           G                Em7   Am7
I kneel in sacrifice to You
                       Dm7     Dm7/C  Bb              Gsus-G
Lord take my life and sancti - fy it for Your use

Chorus:          C                          C/E                              F    G        
All that I have is all that You’ve given me
                 C                              C/E                         Bb   Gsus-G
There is nothing I have that You haven’t given me 
F                          G/F                          
All that I have is by Your grace
         Esus     E/G#    Am   Am/G
Yes, by Your grace alone
F                        C/E    Dm7             G                    C
All that You’ve given me I want to give it back to You

© 1995 Esther Mui


rhea said...

i wish there's instrumental only for this song.

Joan Maghinay said...

where we can find instrumental for this song? me and my wife really love the song.. kindly send us a copy so that we can use it. tnx and God bless!

RAYMONDO said...

The work that Esther does is so rich, God honouring and special I want to know why she is not world famous. But perhaps she is and I missed that.
THANK YOU SO MUCH ESTHER FOR YOUR MUSIC AND may the LORD continue to bless you as your spread the meaning of His Word Everywhere!