With My Whole Heart - Puji Tuhan (Christian Worship and Scripture Songs by Esther Mui)

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Lord, Have Mercy On Me

Lord, Have Mercy on Me (Psalm 51)

          C                F/C          G/B C                F/C          G/B
          Lord, have mercy on me,  Lord, have mercy on me
              Am                     Am/G     Fmaj7   G
          According to Your unfailing love
               Am                     Am/G       F
          According to Your great compassion
          Em      A             Dm7           Dm7                      C/E
          Blot out my transgressions, Take away all my iniquity
                  F           C/E  Dm7 C  G           
          And cleanse me from my sin
                  F           C/E  Dm7 G C
          And cleanse me from my sin

          Am                 E/G#                  Am/G     Am/F#
          Cast me not away from Your presence
                  Fmaj7             G                 C
          And take not Your Spirit from me
                Am                   E/G#                 Am/G     Am/F#
          Restore to me the joy of your salvation
                  Dm7                       C/E            G
          And grant me a willing spirit to sustain me

Copyrighted by Esther Mui 1996

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