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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Mary's Song

 Sample page of Piano Accompaniment in D major:

Mary's Song
Mary’s Song
(Luke 7:37-38)

Verse:                     D                    A/C#     Bm7                          
I will wet Your feet with my tears
        G                             G/A
I will wipe it dry with my hair
      D                              C/A   D9sus       Gmaj7         Em7(b5)
I'll anoint Your feet with everything that's precious to me
D/A            F#aug5/A#
Broken for You
Bm7           Bm7/A   G            D/F#
Poured out as a       sacrifice
Em7           G6/A                        Em7  G/A   G    D/F#   G   D/F#
May it be a fragrant offering of worship to You

Chorus:                   Bm7             Bm7  A      Bm7/G               Bm7/A     A
I will lay down my glory as I   worship at Your feet
        Bm7              Bm7  A      Bm7/G            
I will lay down my glory as I  kiss Your feet
Em7                    F#m7           Bm7/G          Bm7/G  F#m7
All that matters, Lord, is that You be glorified
Em7             F#m7            Bm7    (C)
I will lay my glory at Your feet

 © 2001 Esther Mui

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