Christian Worship and Scripture Songs by Esther Mui

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Verse:                              Dm7          Bbm/Db
Take delight in my praises
             F/C             G7/B
Take delight in my songs
   Gm7                   Bb/C               F
I pray, Lord, you’ll take delight in me
                Dm7            Bbm/Db        
Come, O Lord, and receive now
            F/C               G7/B
All my sacrifices of praise
     Gm7                  Bb/C                F
O come Lord, that I may worship You

 Chorus:                              Dm7           Dm7/C
And as you come near
                      Bb                      F/A
I am deeply moved by your presence
       Db/Bb        Db/Eb  Eb  F
My heart feels strange-ly    warm
         C/E     Dm7          Bbm/Db    
And all that I can do is worship You
         F/C                   G7/B
With all that’s in my heart
   Gm7      F/A     Bb        F/A       
I worship You, I worship You
    Gm7    Bb/C                 F  
I worship You with all my heart

Words & Lyrics by Esther Mui. © 2001 Esther Mui. All rights reserved.

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